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The Jewish Genealogical Society Hamilton & Area (JGSH) is a non-profit organization run by members for members. Our meetings generally take place in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The Society is a member of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS).

We welcome anyone with an interest in exploring their Jewish roots, regardless of religious affiliation or level of experience. We offer assistance locally as well as through a vast network of sources available through the IAJGS.

Jewish Genealogy, like all genealogy, is the search for ancestors and relatives, both living and deceased. Genealogy is also the study of the culture, political conditions, lifestyles and the history of our ancestors, as well as the shtetls and countries they lived in.

We offer encouragement, assistance, support and help so that our members can begin or continue their searches. We also help our members in finding resources to locate ancestors and in overcoming roadblocks on their path of discovery. Celebrating genealogical victories with JGSH friends is the biggest high!

IAJGS 2016 Logo Welcome to the 2016 IAJGS Conference in Seattle WA on 7-12 August 2016
It promises to be an exciting conference in a stimulating environment.


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