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Researching my Uncle Harry Simon
    - by Malka Simon

I'm researching my Uncle Harry Simon. I was wondering if there was anyone who remembers him and would know which regiment/unit he was with in WW 2. My Uncle used to work for the Waxmans and died in the 1970s. Any stories about him or information would be appreciated.

My Uncles were born in Hamilton. My Bubbie Fagy arrived in Hamilton in 1912 and married my grandfather in 1914. My Uncle Manny was the oldest boy, he had an older sister Nettie who also lived in Hamilton until her death and my Uncle Harry was the fourth boy who was born in Hamilton and died there. My Bubbie had 7 children and my father Israel is the youngest.

Our family has always gone to the Temple Ahshe Sholom in Hamilton.

I know that the family moved for a time to Toronto but moved back to Hamilton. My Uncles are buried in the GOI cemetery near Burlington and I gathered the information from the stones to start my research. I have talked to my cousins about our family and have found information on the Ancestry.ca website; I also have found a distant cousin of mine in Israel as well as distant cousins in Toronto in the process. I have also uploaded my family tree on Jewish Gen.

Unfortunately for me, being the youngest, I did not ask the questions I should have while they were alive.

I have heard all my life stories about the family growing up. How my grandfather drifted in and out of our family. How my Bubbie raised the family by herself and had to work to keep her family together. How she worked with Mrs. Pearlman catering functions at the local shuls in Hamilton and how we all wish we had her Kugel recipe.

I also know that my uncles never talked about their time serving in WW2. No stories were passed down to his children. My Uncle Mannyís son would like to know where his dad went to and I too wonder were he went. We found photos from the liberated concentration camps but we are not sure if they belong to Uncle Manny or one of my Aunt Lilís brothers.

My Uncle Harry, from what I am told made it into Germany. He was the kind of guy that had a girl in every town. There are stories from him buying a Hotel in Germany to getting into trouble with the locals.

I live in Ottawa and have access to the Achieves of Canada. I have been able to find my Grandfatherís WW I records, but I can not access my Uncles records as I am not a direct descendant. All I have to go on are the pictures I have in my photo album that was handed down to me. I would like to know if anyone knew exactly where they went so I can add it to my family tree. Maybe someone will recognize the uniform they are wearing. Please contact me for the pictures.

Iím also interested to see if anyone has any stories about them. Were they known as brave? I know that that is wishful thinking but what ever information I can get will help me access the war diaries from their units and see the battles they fought.

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