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Nov. 15. 2017, 7:30 PM
Temple Anshe Sholom,
215 Cline Ave. N., Hamilton
7:30 pmMeet and Greet
8 pmDavid Loewith
Jewish Farming in South Central Ontario
Please join us as Dave Loewith recounts the history of Jewish farming in south central Ontario. From his parents’ remarkable escape from Nazi controlled Czechoslovakia in 1938 to the establishment of Copetown’s Summitholm Holsteins in 1947 and the rise of their large and successful dairy enterprise, Dave will regale us with tales of the Jewish farming pioneer families such as the Poppers, the Ecksteins and of course the Loewiths. With a combination of inspirational stories, moving and humourous anecdotes, Dave will provide a view of the industry that few get to hear.

Dave Loewith is the President Of Joe Loewith & Sons Ltd a multi-generational dairy farm located in Ancaster, Ontario

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