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Oct. 17. 2018, 7:30 PM
Temple Anshe Sholom,
215 Cline Ave. N., Hamilton
7:30 pmMeet and greet
8 pmHoward Goldstein
Understanding Your Autosomal DNA Test Results
For those who have taken a DNA test -- or those considering whether to do so -- there arises the question of what to do with the results which one receives. What does it mean that you`re 91% (or 98%) Ashkenazi Jewish ... and 3% Scandinavian (or other)? How can you be related to thousands of previously unknown "cousins"? And, perhaps most importantly, how do you go about determining on which of your matches to focus your research efforts?

In this presentation, Howard will explain the information which autosomal DNA testing provides, how it is obtained and provide some guidance as to how to use the information to help your genealogical research. He`ll also help you understand DNA testing "buzzwords", including matching segments, triangulated matches, chromosome mapping, and endogamy.

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