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September 2011

"Genealogy is more than names and dates on a chart. It is more than sentimental stories about the good old (or bad old) days. Nor is it an effort to gain status by discovering illustrious ancestors....Each person who is doing Jewish genealogical research, whether or not he or she acknowledges it, is responding to an inner yearning for a connection to our heritage." Arthur Kurzweil, From Generation to Generation, Revised edition, 1994

How time flies! Our Jewish Genealogical Society – Hamilton & Area is now in its 8th season. We’re so proud to be helping the local community with their search for knowledge of their family histories.

The quote above fro Arthur Kurzweil’s book, “From Generation to Generation” so perfectly describes how I feel about my own pursuit of my family history. Yes, of course, I want to broaden my connection to relatives both living and in my past, but I also wanted to gain a better connection and understanding of my heritage. To me this includes not only Jewish practices and history, but also World and Local history as events affected the lives of our ancestors. Within our limited financial means we strive to find speakers who can connect us with our heritage as well as help us with exploring our individual research.

We hope that our membership is pleased with our newsletter “Treasured Times”. Our editor, Brenda Rishea, has done a great job of giving our members the joy of a new issue four times a year. Please remember that we welcome the submission of articles from our members and from the general community.

We are still hoping to find a home for our library of Jewish Genealogical materials. Like all projects this one is in need of that special person who will take it on.

We hope that our website is being used and enjoyed by our members and the entire Jewish Genealogical community. We welcome the submission of ideas for changes to our website, new programming or other issues relating to our JGS. Please contact me or any other Board member. This is your society and we need your input so that we know what we can do to help and encourage you.


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